Saturday, 20 September 2014

Gone Fishing

And go fishing they did; day after day after day of our 2013 summer vacation. They would leave so early in the morning I could barely see them out on the water. I swear they were up before the fish were.

They did catch lots of fish, and, because they 'catch and release', they might even have caught the same fish more than once for all I know. Yikes, if you were a fish, wouldn't that be 'adding insult to injury'?

Normally I'm nervous of cutting my photo where the pages join but this one worked out fine. My son, working by the motor, ended up on one side of the layout, and, the two girls, with lines in the water, on the other.

This two page layout was created by using two of the same kit (#262 Gone Fishin') from the

I did some rearranging from the layout suggested for the kit and added some fun embellishments. The Dollar Store is a great place to find some inexpensive and colourful lures. Be careful when you remove the hooks. Ask me how I know. (She smiles). I loved the brads for accentuating the eyes of the fish.

When I asked my fisherman son for some fishing line I came to understand there are any number of kinds of line. He brought me three types so I figured I best use them all.
The clear line I wound around the title, the three-colour line I wrapped around the photo of him running the boat, and the green line I put behind a button that resembled a fishing vest. I found the button at my local fabric store.

The sad news is that this kit is now out of production.
 You have to get them fast! They go so quickly. Scrapmuch? Collection of Kits

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