Tuesday, 28 February 2017


CHILLAX: Urban Dictionary (Intransitive Verb)

1. To chill and relax simultaneously.
2. To loosen or reduce the level of stress by employing a more relaxed and groovy outlook.

and I think to add to that:

3. Something you should do every day while on vacation.

And that's just what we did.

The layout is based on the February 1st sketch from Stuck?!
Simple and easy, just like "chillaxing" should be.

Thursday, 23 February 2017


Another of the many fun things I like about our cottage  vacation is "Domino Night". It's a monthly tradition with my girlfriends and we have never seen any reason why someone's vacation should interrupt our schedule.

The girls travel to where I am vacationing. They come prepared to stay the night so that we can enjoy ourselves. The day involves sitting in floating chairs on the lake, a great dinner and dominoes. Well there is the wine to take into account as well. :)

I thought I'd carry the theme of the dominoes we are all holding in the photo and do the whole layout in black and white.  The layer under the photo is actually what was left of the white paper after cutting out the dominoes. Thanks Danie for that great up cycling idea. I didn't add a title because it was pretty obvious what the title would be.

My jumping off spot for Dominoes was the February 15th Stuck?! sketch by Laura Whitaker. At first glance it may not seem so, but I swear most of the elements in the sketch can be found in my layout.


Monday, 6 February 2017

CanIne go fishing too?

What could be more fun for a 6 month old border collie that the space and freedom of a lake to race around on?
Little Remmi went for her first ice fishing day with Mommy and Daddy and found the experience so much fun. She ran and ran. She watched over the fishing holes, posed with Mommy when she caught a fish and even kissed a lake trout. You have wonder what goes on in the mind of a dog.

By the time Remmi got home there wasn't an ounce of energy left in her.

The inspiration for this layout is from Stick It Down. It's February's double-page sketch on it's blog. The sketch encouraged me to use different size photos.
Stick It Down also has a card sketch and a single page sketch on their blog.
Maybe you can do all three this month?
It's fun to participate.
You may become next month's featured artist.
Single Page Sketch

Greeting Card Sketch