Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Vancouver 2012

I failed miserably at paring down my Vancouver photos to what might fit on 20 pages or so. Seems to me I'll be needing some more albums as I'm forecasting double or triple the pages that would fit in just one.

The other challenge I faced was where to start the albums. In the end I decided I'd start right at the beginning which meant when I left for Vancouver from Pearson Airport.

I didn't have any pictures of my departure but I did have little bits and bobs from the flight and a brochure with the layout of Terminal 1 in it. Being directionally challenged of course I'd have one of those.

I'd never done a layout without a photograph or a card before so this was a first. I loved the idea of going back to the roots of scrapbooking.

In the beginning there were very few pictures, and only if you could afford the exorbitant cost were you likely to ever get one, so everything was done with journaling and those bits and bobs I mentioned. You might use things like fabric from a baby's dress or a lock of hair. Newspaper clippings were also popular and you might also have used sketches you drew of something or someplace special.

So my albums have begun. I hope you'll find my adventure interesting because there are a lot of pages to come that I'd like to share with you.
I had a great time creating this page. I used the sketch by Laura Whitaker posted on the Scrapmuch?
blog on March 6th.
I stared at the sketch for quite a while. While rooting through all my Air Canada 'stuff' the whole idea of the Provincial outline and Canada themed papers materialized.
Instead of the square frame I took a Silhouette cut file of British Columbia and cut out the middle to create a 3/8" frame in the shape of the province. In order to make sure I didn't obliterate the shape, I used velum as one of the paper layers. It allowed the outline to show through very nicely. For the other layer I used paper printed with red maple leaves.
Then it was all about using those bits and bobs in the design.
The luggage ticket/strip made a perfect horizontal banner.  The boarding pass and terminal diagram from the brochure took the place of the pictures. Adding a BC flag button to  the boarding pass added a bit of colour outside of the black, red and grey.
The title and swizzle stick finished off the right side of the page.
Everyone drinks on a plane right?
Shouldn't there always be a swizzle stick? :)
 Since the page was all about leaving for Vancouver there had to be an airplane on it somewhere. After much searching I found this plane sticker/embellishment. Did you know that most embellishments of planes are travelling west to east? Yup it's true. Finding one that I could use for an east to west flight wasn't as easy as I thought it would be.
 Now what adventure should I do next? 
I don't know either so I guess we'll just have to wait and see.


  1. Great job Rhonna, love that you documents the first leg of your trip without photos! So glad you played along at ScrapMuch?!

  2. Nice job Ronna! No photos...that's a big step. Good for you! It turned out fabulous. Thanks for sharing with us at ScrapMuch?

  3. Great idea to start at the beginning and use all those bits and bobs! I love it! Thanks for playing along with ScrapMuch?!

  4. Beautiful colours! Love it that you did it without photos! Thank you for linking up at ScrapMuch?!

  5. Wow you did an awesome take on the sketch without any pictures. I love saving and scrapping memorabilia. I've started making "title pages" for any trips I take without pictures and this would be a perfect one. Thanks for joining us at Scrap Much?!

  6. Ronna - you ROCKED this sketch!!! Love everything about it and your paper choice! Yeah for steppin' out-of-the-box - and a WAY-ta-go on starting Vancouver!!! You did it
    Thank you for joining us at ScrapMuch?

  7. you did a great job scrapbooking your "stuff"! I always collect tons of stuff while traveling and usually work them in to pocket page layouts - but the way you did this totally works. Awesome job. Thanks for sharing with us at ScrapMuch?