Monday, 9 January 2017

Girl's Day Out

I am so fortunate to have been the one to host Ellie's first Girl's Day Out.

We started our day travelling an hour to Orillia where we had our McDonald's lunch. Ellie was thrilled to find Gidget in her Kid's Meal box because one of our plans for the day was to see the movie The Secret Life of Pets.

After lunch it was off the park where she and Erica explored every climbing, swinging and playing apparatus there was.

The finale was the movie. Not only was it Ellie's first movie theatre visit but her first 3D movie. She took the 3D in stride reaching out on occasion murmuring 'kitty', 'come kitty'. So close to her did they seem that she thought she could reach out and touch them.

I have two favourite pictures of that day. The first is at the start of my first page showing Ellie all excited for her first girl's day out. The second is at the end of the second page with the little Sweetie sound asleep after her big adventure. It seemed a good beginning and end for my double-page layout.

The inspiration for this layout is from Stick It Down. It's January's double-page sketch on it's blog. The sketch worked perfectly for a sequence of photos. Using a sequence was important for my layout because I wanted to detail our day step-by-step.

Stick It Down also has a card sketch and a single page sketch on their blog.
Maybe you can do all three this month?
It's fun to participate.
You may become next month's featured artist.
Single Page Sketch
Card Sketch

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  1. adorable layout. Love the photo of Ella all tuckered out