Friday, 25 July 2014

Long time no Sea

While looking at the pictures of my niece's visit home from Ireland,  one of my stashed kits flashed into my mind.

The kit, "all of US" is, unfortunately, no longer available. This fact, by the way, just adds more credibility to my need to 'stash' kits. "Get 'em while you can.", is my motto.

Long time no Sea
I didn't change much from the original Scramuch? kit.

Because this was Lisa's first visit in quite a while, and she's from so far away, I indicated a length of time (Long time) and her being from across the ocean with the spelling of the word "Sea" in the title.
My pictures were larger and needed more space so I changed the ribbon to embroidery floss. The floss still gave the desired effect.

It was sad to see them go after such a short time here but we're looking forward to their next visit, especially because visiting us this time will be "and baby makes three.''

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