Tuesday, 18 October 2016

at the FAIR

Next to Christmas morning there's nothing children like more than amusement park rides and candy floss.

Here in our small town the Fall Fair is a very big deal. Kids spend time working painstakingly on entries for everything from their own grown tomatoes to making animals out of soup cans. The children work weeks and months on their entries. It's a really big deal in our town.

Awards are great but the real draw for children will always be the rides. My little friends sure looked to be having a great time. The perfect activity for a fall themed layout.

This layout is based on the October Stick It Down double page sketch. It worked so well for the my big title and for highlighting Fall Fair favourites like arcade games and popcorn.

There is also a single page layout and a card sketch up on the site for October.

Complete 1, 2 or all 3 but share each of them by playing along with the challenge and posting them on the site. I'd love to see your work there.

Single Page Layout

Card Sketch

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