Wednesday, 22 October 2014

& Smile

Coming across photos from days gone by....way way gone by, is always fun.

I remember this day in 1983 well. Our department had recently moved to new digs and the boss wanted a picture of the team. We had a heck of a time getting everyone on the right step so that we went up in height from bottom to top. In the end we just about managed to do it. The big challenge was to get us all to smile at once. We were too busy trying not to fall off our perches to smile at the same time. It took a while and a lot of "stay still ... and smile" before we were able to get back to work.

This layout is based on the October 11th, 2014 Let's Capture Our Memories sketch #93. The sketch was designed by Ana Castro. It's one of those sketches that's very adaptable. It lends itself to a variety of applications; number of photos, memorabilia, etc.

Try this sketch with one or two photos or maybe turn it on it's side. It really is a versatile layout.

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  1. Beautiful take on the sketch and always love hearing the story behind the photo!! Thanks for joining us at LCOM!