Sunday, 20 July 2014

Some Assembly Required

Yes Virginia there is an easy way to scrapbook. It's called a kit.

I discovered Scrapmuch? Kits not long after I started scrapbooking. On day, as I looked through the lengthy list of these very creative kits, my mind started making mental notes; 'want that one', 'need that one', 'gotta have that one', and so it went until I got some pictures out and started paring down my list.

What attracted me to a kit was it's completeness. Everything was cut out. The paper, cut files and embellishments all matched. I can be a bit anal about such things. I pick the kits I do expressly because they perfectly complement the pictures I want to scrap. I can get that rush of accomplishment so quickly with a kit.

I have a lot of paper now and admit, like everyone else, I'm not sure when I'll ever get it all used up. A kit, once done, leaves nothing to put away. All you do is take credit for the great page you're now showing to everyone.

There's still nothing better than burrowing through your paper, inks and embellishments and creating a layout, but when you want a bit of speed, paper that's matched and ready for you, and that instant gratification, then a kit is your answer.

I use kits in two ways. Either I take the kit exactly as it is and assemble, or I switch it up a little bit and make it my own. It takes very little to alter a kit to your particular style. Just use the pieces in a different way or add a little something of your own.


My brother doesn't smile for pictures (I think just to be difficult), so when I got this one I wanted the perfect layout. I struggled to find the right sketch and the right paper so the photo sat in the box for a year. Drifting through the Scrapmuch site one morning I checked to see what was new in kits (there are always new ones being added), and found this; PERFECT.
This kit I used just as I got it. It was just what the Scrapbooker ordered.
My Layout
The Kit

Now this next kit I played around with. 
My Layout


The Kit
I moved things; the grass to the bottom to simulate a yard and the sun and  cloud over Richard and Erica on the left instead of the right as I had taller pictures for the right side. I took off the words "the most" from the provided title, using the remainder, as every day was wonderful during our vacation last year. I couldn't resist spritzing a little sunshine yellow ink. I  added the words "catch" and the tag "or not" to tell the story of the pictures. A few button additions to the ones provided in the kit and I was done and thrilled with the pages.
I caution you however, kits can be addictive. The colours and layouts are quit unique. I know this because in addition to my "stash" of paper, I now have a stash of Scrapmuch? Kits. :)

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  1. Kits DO HELP - even when you have a photo and no creativity flowing!!!
    They both look GREAT - I love your take.
    Enjoy you holidays!!