Monday, 16 June 2014

Do You KNow What a Ba Is?

Do you know what a Ba is?

If you capitalized both letters it would be the short form for Bachelor of Arts. If you added a second ‘a’ it would be the bleat of a sheep. Adding an ‘h’ gives you a Scrooge like expression of contempt.

In reality, and it took a two year old to put me wise to this, a Ba is a miniature blanket with many guises. It’s a blankie, a best friend, a softie, a must have for sleepy time and, for sure, there’s no going in the car seat without Ba.

Imagine my terror when I was asked to make a Ba in the event that something should happen to the now existing and much loved Ba.

From a little one’s point of view the world is not a safe place for a Ba. It can be wrenched out of your hands by a vicious wind whipping through the back seat. Locked in your car seat the wind is always the victor in such a tug-of war. There’s always a chance the Ba falls victim to the ‘magpie’ effect. A little one might see a pretty ball or big box of crayons and Ba gets left on a shelf. Ba is never there when you go back. No one calls with a ransom demand. Ba is just gone.

The beast can kill Ba. Little ones have their own information network and the word is out there; the beast in the basement can eat a Ba. It’s true. One wash too many and Ba is nothing more than thread in a lint trap.

A new little brother or sister is just days away from arriving into this little one’s life.  This brings into play any number of potential Ba related disasters. Babies grab everything and remember nothing. There it was…gone. Babies are messy. What they don’t smear all over things they rub on things. It’s scary just to think about. And worst of all; what if new baby is upset and ‘wants’ Ba. If Mommy and Daddy are out of options Ba may have to be sacrificed. The needs of the many ...and all that cosmic stuff you know.
So today I set about making a Ba. To make a Ba you need the most cuddly and softest fabrics possible, patience to make those blasted little finger loops, a.k.a. ‘drag it around holes' and some sort of cutie type applique for Ba's middle. The applique is important because when it comes to identifying your Ba in a crowd of Bas, the applique is the Ba fingerprint.
Using my Pfaff, Miss Ida, I first appliqued a frog. Grandfather Frog is the book this little one and her Grampa are reading so it seemed appropriate.

Applique of Grandfather Frog

Trying to turn those darn loops right side out.

With the front finished and the loops attached, it was time to add the backing.
I chose a soft nubby lime green chenille.

Ta Da...Da Ba

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  1. What a wonderful job, I can think of a few people (little furballs) that would like these :)